Wisconsin’s elections are tested, safe and secure.

Everyday Wisconsinites keep our elections fair — and they take this responsibility seriously. Our dedicated friends, family and neighbors serve as impartial election officials, ensuring safeguards are in place and the final election result reflects the voice of the American people. 

About Secure Elections WI

Secure elections are the foundation of a strong democracy. That’s why we work to educate voters on Wisconsin’s secure electoral process.

As United States citizens, we have a duty to participate in our elections, and trusting in our elections is vital for preserving our democracy and upholding the voice of the American people. 

Secure Elections WI is a public education campaign focused on educating voters about the security and accuracy of the state’s elections. We are a coalition of local leaders, government officials and community activists committed to informing the public on the election process, reaffirming that our elections are safe, secure and accurate. 

Secure Elections WI is working to increase awareness of the strength of Wisconsin’s electoral process by sharing educational resources and having candid conversations with voters to answer their questions about our election system.

Get Election Ready!

Check out the resources below for information on important election dates, answers to frequently asked questions about Wisconsin elections, what’s on your ballot, and more!


Know the facts and understand the process. Explore our election resources to learn about the election process in Wisconsin. Still have questions? Email us at info@secureelectionswi.org.